altThe 9-in-1 SafetyPuck warning light is just that, a creatively designed puck-like product that sports 16 LED lights all around the unit that allows for a wide array of illumination patterns. The nine light patterns provide 360 degree light coverage and range from flashing or flickering, to pulsing or swirling, and even a flashlight-like beam. One side of the SafetyPuck is magnetic so it can stick to the side of any vehicle providing light visible for up to a half mile. It is durable enough to function in a temperature range of 130 degree to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and even can be run over by a car and not be damaged. In addition to its use on land, it is waterproof and floats, making it ideal for use in boats and watercrafts.

The SafetyPuck can run for up to 100 hours and sports a rechargeable battery. It comes with convenient, easy–to-use accessories to charge the unit from a home electrical outlet or in the AC/cigarett e lighter adapter in a vehicle.