July 12, 2018

Neon RopeCanada Rope promises that its new Night Saver Rope will illuminate at night and act as a reference guide back to safety for a person in distress. The rope works like an old-school watch dial; sitting in bright light it stores up energy to make it glow. We tested it (in a limited way – not in a dire rescue) and determined that this product does what it says it will.

On the boat in the daylight, the line really stands out and would on a safety post installation too. That’s a good thing reminding boaters that a MOB is always a possibility. Prevention is the best cure, that’s for certain.

Neon Rope CLose


In the water, the Night Saver is very visible – not quite bright green, it does glow and is easily seen especially compared to ordinary line. It is very reflective thanks to the reflective bits along its length and shows up very well in a spotlight beam. The line is woven with luminescent fibre and the reflective chips are similar to the material in highway signs. Unlike conventional poly, the Night Saver is UV protected so it won’t deteriorate as rapidly in the sun and marine environment.

Casba Award Canada RopeThis rope is rated stronger than steel wire rope and certainly cost effective at 10% more than typical current heaving and rescue lines on the market today. It is, or soon will be available at most marine stores across the country.

Night Saver is a Canadian made product, which gets a big thumbs up from CYOB. Conclusion: a significant improvement over conventional line that is a logical step up in a boating MOB application. Go for it.