Feb 7, 2017

DB AppDiscover Boating Canada recently launched a new Boating Safety App. We are pleased to let our members know that CPS-ECP was involved in the development of this new app and contributed content to it.
The Key Features of the App are:

• Boating safety checklists
• Weather resources to help plan trips
• Minimum required safety equipment and navigation light requirements based on vessel type
• Visual references of buoys & beacons
• Interactive Float Plan in which the boater can save multiple plans for quick and easy access
• Emergency procedures information such as recovering someone who has fallen overboard
• Information on how to properly operate a boat such as docking, mooring and anchoring
• Plus much more!

The app is now available for Free Download. To get the Boating Safety App go to:

Go directly to the Apple Store download here or download the Google Play version here.