Fuel Spill PreventionThe Overfill Alert System from Herrington Marine Technologies integrates with existing fuel tank sending units to alert the user when to halt the flow of fuel. An indicator light and audible buzzer activate when the fuel level reaches 95% capacity, allowing for 5% expansion within the tank itself. Once activated, the system automatically resets within 10 seconds.

The Overfill Alert System is ignition-protected and compatible with SAE standard sending units. Its design ensures no electronic feedback with onboard systems and is voltage surge protected through 48V DC. The 12V unit complies with ABYC/NMMA standards, and its sealed, flame-retardant ABS enclosure bears a flame rating of UL94.

Stop fueling indicator light & audible buzzer activate once fuel level reaches 95% capacity; allowing for 5% expansion within fuel tank

• System automatically resets after 10 seconds for next refueling event after being activated

• Integrates with existing fuel tank sending units.

• Compatible with U.S. SAE standard marine fuel sending units i.e. Rochester, WEMA, Moeller & Prime Instruments, Teleflex etc.

• 12 volt operation / ignition protected / voltage surge protected

• Deck Plate with sunlight visible LED indicator light & audible alarm included.

• Sealed, flame retardant ABS enclosure - Flame rating – UL94

• Designed not to create any electronic feedback to onboard systems

• ABYC / NMMA Compliant