altThe new Low Lux Night Vision camera is a safety-device that extends your play time or work hours on the water. The black and white picture allows for safe maneuvering of waterways or when docking. Use as a stand alone device or an enhancement to radar. This camera connects to any monitor with a RCA video jack or with a DVR you can record your trip.

The camera can be mounted permanently or use the optional vacuum mount for a quick and easy removal. Measuring only 6" in length and 3.5" in diameter, the camera is small enough to be stored after usage to prevent theft. This camera is a valuable tool in extending your time on the water, yet is priced far below thermal imaging systems.

The Low Lux camera is sealed to IP66 rating and meets Coast Guard electrical standards. Damage resistant and splash proof for on deck mounting locations. The night vision camera is supplied with RCA jack and 12 DC+ cigarette lighter power input. Users have the option to hardwire to the vessel’s power supply.