Contoure250When a heater or stove fails, life on a boat, RV or anywhere else can get mighty uncomfortable. The HeatMate™ 5200 Portable Alcohol Heater from Contoure International provides a safe source of warmth that doubles as a stove.

An excellent addition to emergency provisions at home, the HeatMate produces 5200 BTU of heat. When the lid of the compact and efficient heater is removed, HeatMate transforms into a cook top that is capable of boiling a quart of water in just nine minutes.

The HeatMate non-pressurized canister system contains a nonflammable wick material that absorbs approximately 1-1/4 qts. of environmentally-friendly alcohol fuel. Even if turned completely upside down, its unique design prevents fuel from leaking. Extremely reliable, the HeatMate canister system eliminates the messy hoses and valves of pressurized systems, as well as the tiresome pumping, priming and pre-heating. Alcohol fuel is easily extinguished with water.