Aug 12, 2021

Teak Finished With Hemp OilTeak finished with hemp oil after two months of summer

An environmentally friendly product for refinishing your teak, hemp wood finishing oil is an all-natural product made from one ingredient only: pure Canadian oxidized hemp oil. This nontoxic oil is marine safe making it the perfect product to use out on the water.

Hemp wood finish penetrates deeply into teak protecting the wood from the inside out. This solvent-free and breathable oil expands and contracts with wood surfaces allowing any moisture trapped within to escape with the changing temperatures and humidity we experience throughout the boating season.

Once applied, it creates a protective water-resistant and scratch-resistant surface. Instead of producing a shiny film commonly developed by synthetic topcoats, hemp wood oil produces a patina finish, creating a unique and rich look to your teak. And if accidentally spilled into the water, it makes a nutritious snack for aquatic life!

Hemp Oil Application(Right) Application

To apply, make sure your teak is well cleaned and dry. Simply use a brush, roller or rag as your application method. Drying time between coats is approximately 24 hours. Reapply as required to keep your teak well coated for protection and appearance. Average coats per refinish is 1-3. Protection lasts one to two years depending on your teak.

Hemp oil is regarded as nature’s most nutritious oil reaping endless purposes and benefits. Prior to prohibition, hemp oil was the finishing oil of choice in the paint industry and has since then come a long way. Now more than ever it’s important to continue to be environmentally conscious especially when it comes to our actions on the water. Hemp wood oil can additionally be used for any interior and exterior wood surfaces. It’s an all-around environmental and food safe finishing oil with no harmful vapours.

You can purchase this versatile finishing oil at a number of Canadian based retailers: