Sept 22, 2022

Beckson Hatch OpenWorn plastic hatch covers can detract from a boat's appearance and its functionality, especially once cracks develop around attachment points. HT Series Hatches made by Beckson Marine are molded utilizing a proprietary UV-stabilized ASA resin with concealed fasteners, enabling them to withstand harsh marine environments and operate reliably over a long service life.

Finished with a textured, non-slip surface for safety, Beckson HT Series Hatches open a full 180 degrees to provide unobstructed access to compartment interiors with one-handed operation. Fully gasketed closures help keep water where it belongs—outside. The low-profile design extends just 1/2" above deck once secured, for a clean, neat appearance that won't catch on lines, fishing nets or crew feet.

Beckson Hatch ClosedSuitable for installation on either vertical or horizontal surfaces, HT Series models come in five profiles that fit common overall hatch sizes:

10" x 24", 11" x 15" and 18" x 21" in white, plus 14" x 24" and 15" x 15" in white or black. Each incorporates recessed easy-grip latches, with optional handles and locking latches available.