September 9, 2021

TuffyIf you’re headed out for a weekend afloat or on a week-long cruise you often must park your vehicle unattended and to keep your valuables dray and safe, it’s best to leave them in the car. I have never had anything stolen, but have occasionally left my vehicle open for a short time, and on more than one occasion my vehicle has been gone through. Your tow vehicle is even more vulnerable when you have launched your boat at a remote location and nobody will be around.

This past winter I thought I would look into the issues of finding somewhere safe to keep valuables when you have no alternative but to leave items in them. Looking into the problem and doing a little research I found a company called Tuffy Security Products that offer security safes for your vehicle mounted in discreet locations within the vehicle.

Tuffy recommended their console safe. To help me out and to help test the product, I contacted my friend Phil the police officer. As Phil deals with thefts and break-ins on a regular bases who better to test it and give his opinion.

Phil’s truck is a fairly new Ram pickup with, of course, a centre console. Tuffy makes their safes to fit all the most common full-sized pickup trucks. As you probably already know, full-sized pickups generally have large and deep centre consoles ideal for mounting a safe.

The safe is a steel unit made up of 16-gauge steel and welded in section that is 1/8-inch thick (1/2cm.) in places. All safes are powder coated so they won’t rust in damp climates. There is a good quality lock for the lid that is hinged with a piano type hinge on the lid. A locksmith did look at the lock at it for me and commented on the quality of the lock for its size.

Phil, a handy amateur, read over the instructions and started the installation process. The safe drops into the console bin very easily. Next the screws are mounted in predrilled holes in the steel sides or lower walls of the safe. All these screws (holes pre drilled) are mounted in strategic locations to add strength to the unit. According to Phil the whole instillation took no more than 20-minutes max.

After six months of using the product Phil is very pleased and feels is a secure place for his valuable possessions. Looking it over, and knowing a little about cars and trucks, even if a criminal knew where the safe is, it would be a real pain to break into without some tools and a good amount of effort. 

Price for the safe we tested for the Chrysler Ram is $194.40. You can find them at (905 634-0001) a dealer for Tuffy that ships all over Canada or you can check the Tuffy web site to find a dealer near you.

One last note, if a criminal wants something from your vehicle and has enough time he will get it, so whenever possible, leave your valuables at home.


Glen KonorowskiGlen Konorowski

Glen Konorowski is a life long automotive enthusiast and automotive journalist for 35-years. He also claims to be former Commodore of the Monty Carlo Yacht Club!