SeaSuckerStrapSeptember 3, 2020

Dive tanks are notoriously difficult to stow on a boat and can be outright dangerous if left unsecured in even a light chop. SeaSucker's Single Tank Strap is the smarter alternative to permanently installed solutions. In seconds, it vacuum mounts on almost any clean, smooth surface. It holds up to 210 lbs. without leaving a mark and detaches just as quickly. Beyond tanks, this versatile device secures a range of gear. 

The Single Tank Strap has a heavy-duty rubber belt with multi-step holding capability. It secures everything from a spear gun, fire extinguisher or pony bottle up to a standard 80 cu. ft. scuba tank. Unlike permanently-installed accessories, the device is easily removed, making it ideal for use when renting or going out on a friend's boat.

Once placed where it's needed, a few pumps to the 6" Vacuum Mount power piston creates enormous holding power. The innovative SeaSucker system provides the ability to install the Single Tank Strap virtually anyplace onboard—even at the dive location on the gunwale—and then remove it for temporary or overnight stowage.

Where to Buy: Purchase online at SeaSucker.