Sept 23, 2021

Glomex TV antenna AmplifierWhether for news, weather or just to watch the game, onboard television reception is important. But switching between external antennas and cable or satellite, traditional marine equipment is painstakingly manual to properly adjust.

The new Glomex Automatic Gain Control DVB-T2 TV Amplifier is fully automatic for both A/B input selection and signal gain to provide optimal viewing, no matter the vessel's location.

When a vessel is connected to dockside cable, the Glomex Automatic Gain Control DVB-T2 TV Amplifier automatically switches over from the onboard antenna to this likely stronger signal. It then seamlessly adjusts the gain by lowering the amplification. When unplugged from shore, the process is reversed to preserve good reception.

Because its processes are automatic, the Glomex Automatic Gain Control DVB-T2 TV Amplifier can be hidden from view to make for a cleaner installation. The case is more rugged than previous generations of amplifiers. It runs on 12/24V DC and has a maximum draw of 100mA.

The Automatic Gain Control DVB-T2 TV Amplifier features a dock and a vessel antenna input, and TV/TV and TV/FM radio output coax ports. It comes standard with Glomex V9112AGC/AB and V9125AGC/AB TV antennas, and is backward compatible with models V9112AGCU.

Offered by GA Communications, the exclusive Glomex distributor for the Americas, the AGC DVB-T2 TV Amplifier model 50023/14AB costs US$99.

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