July 22, 2021

Prospec Electronics BT ControllerA Bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet is ideal for streaming music, but it's often stowed safely away when on the water, road or trail. For ready access to the device's controls when on a boat, golf car, motorcycle or UTV, it's hard to beat the award-winning Infinity by Harman INF-BC4 Pre-Amp Bluetooth Controller from Prospec Electronics. It gives ready command to playback functions and has a compact footprint for use on virtually any dash.

The INF-BC4 Pre-Amp Bluetooth Controller is built for the outdoors. Waterproof to IPX6 standards, it has a central rotary encoder and large buttons for use with gloves and in rough, jarring conditions.

Using the INF-BC4 is easy and intuitive. Once it's paired to the Bluetooth-enabled device, power and volume are operated with the rotary encoder. The three rubberized buttons provide control over play/pause, previous and next tracks.

Installation of the INF-BC4 is straightforward. It requires a small 1-3/8" cutout hole. Flush mounted with no visible hardware, the panel is only 2-1/4" L x 2-1/4" W. The integrated 18" wiring harness is equipped with output jacks, allowing connection to a required amplifier. In the U.S. the Infinity by Harman INF-BC4 Pre-Amp Bluetooth Controller from Prospec Electronics costs $119.95 USD. ; YouTube: