Sail TimerThe SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is a new high tech masthead anemometer that transmits directly to apps on tablets and smartphones.  It is designed to work with third-party apps, and also has an accessory for plugging in to NMEA networks.  

See your wind angle on a wind gauge, or use the SailTimer™ app to update your optimal tacks and Tacking Time to Destination as the wind changes. The Wind Instrument uses a distinctive new design that sets new standards (patent pending).  Compared to the previous version of the company’s wireless anemometer, this next generation is smaller, yet the developers have managed to engineer it with larger solar panels and no base unit.  This new design is vertical, so that it is not a horizontal perch for birds.  It is small and portable, with a standard 1/4-inch tripod mount in the bottom.  The wind direction arrow knows which way it is pointing, because the electronics are built right into the tail.  That means no calibration is needed, and it is also suitable for rotating masts (which is probably another first).  Traditional anemometers often use potentiometers which have a dead zone at the end of the rotation, and may only respond to 16 points around the compass.  


But this next-generation wireless anemometer gives precision wind direction using nine-axis motion sensing right in the wind direction arrow, with accelerometer, gyroscope and digital compass. Wireless and solar-powered:  the new SailTimer Wind Instrument uses Bluetooth 4, which makes it easy to install, with no wires to run down the mast.  For devices that may not support Bluetooth 4, including low-cost e-readers, we also have a wifi accessory that can re-transmit the wind data to any device with a web browser and wifi.  The solar panels, battery and electronics are also completely encapsulated in solid UV-resistant polyurethane, like a beautiful keepsake inside a crystal-clear paperweight.  This novel design is completely submersible, which also makes this the first masthead anemometer suitable for centerboard sailboats, racing dinghies, beachable catamarans, as well as larger keelboats. Attention to detail.  Precision fit.  Built to last.  This innovative new design has been built with the finest craftsmanship...  Solid brass, marine-grade stainless steel, a 2-jewel mechanism for free rotation with virtually no friction. Beautiful curved blades that function like a traditional cup anemometer when upright, and like a propeller to maintain equal accuracy when your boat is heeling over in the wind.  The perfect orchestration of moving parts.


The tail is being molded now, although the company did not want that to delay the product specifications and pre-ordering. So they have announced a soft-launch of the new website and Wind Instrument at  The official product launch will be announced shortly, when the Owner's Manual and additional specifications and photos are released. 

There is a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy for the amazing new Sailtimer Wind Instrument™.  You can pre-order today.  Deliveries for pre-orders begin in early March.  Pre-orders will ship out in the order received.  SailTimer Inc. has kept this innovative new product in stealth mode during development, but full product specifications and pre-ordering info visit available at