Wireless is the “buzz” in marine electronics with more and more applications available for wireless devices such as iPhones and iPads. With lots of onboard systems using legacy NMEA 0183 data, Digital Yacht America has devised a NMEA to WiFi adaptor – a small black box unit which converts traditional NMEA navigation and instrument data into a wireless TCP/IP feed.

Essentially, it creates a local WiFi hot spot on board your boat which your mobile device can access. Many software applications allow data to be read through an individual TCP/IP port (e.g., iNAVx for the iPhone/iPad) or SmarterTrack 2011 PC navigation software. Users just tell the software to look for NMEA on the WiFi port and the mobile device becomes wirelessly linked to onboard systems. It is a super product and a great addition to any system.

The WLN10 also provides an ideal solution for wirelessly enabling a Digital Yacht AIT1000 Class B Transponders. Couple a WLN10, an AIT1000 and download its free iAIS app and you have the perfect onboard AIS transponder system with AIS target display also available on an iPad/iPhone.