Sept 23, 2021

KanvasLightKanvaslight® was specifically engineered for a long life in a salty, sun-drenched environment. The system invented by Guardtex is UL certified in North America and received the CE certification in Europe. Kanvaslight® is the only illuminating fabric integrated into a canvas that is available in the market.

Kanvaslight® can be used in multiple applications like Bimini tops, seating, decor, sun shades, etc...

New, patented Kanvaslight technology allows you to use your textile structures as a broad lighting surface. It creates a perfectly diffused light for gathering and entertaining beneath. The integrated lighting creates a smart, clean-line installation that is only there when you need it. The technology and installation is designed specifically for the demanding outdoor industry.

5VDC to 24VDC
Power : 2,5W or 15W

Safely designed.
No electricity is flowing into the fabric.

Resistant. Specifically engineered for extreme conditions. (5°F to 95°F)

Kanvaslight® is a two component system: a light injector and an illuminating fabric. No electricity is flowing through the fabric - The light injector creates a powerful light diffused by patented optical couplers and is transported through the optical fibers.
Kanvaslight is available in different dimensions and options.

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