Webasto Blue CoolEfficient, quiet and extremely compact, the BlueCool C-Series Chilled Water Air Conditioners from Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America have always provided a cool onboard environment. Now the new generation of  BlueCool marine air conditioning systems for motorboats and yachts has arrived.

The systems are feature rich and affordable, certain to be a welcome addition to Webasto's popular marine air  conditioning line. Keeping the air cool on board with increased efficiency and reduced size, the C-Series packs a lot of value into a small package, including new control features, a large selection of outputs and efficient multi-compressor packages.

The systems are up to 15% more efficient thanks to new compressors and use of the R410a refrigerant. Offering up to a 29% smaller footprint than other systems currently available, the new generation C-Series has a reduced overall weight of 10%. It also has a quieter operation by 25%. New electronics with a PC diagnosis interface allows the user to easily make rapid changes to the settings and facilitates servicing.

"At Webasto we feel strongly about the C Series, and its ability to provide the market what it needs:  something smaller, quieter, full of new features, while remaining cost-effective to boatbuilders and owners alike," said Aaron Skiles, OEM/special programs manager.

The BlueCool C-series robust chiller systems are strong partners for medium to large yachts. They use a water/glycol mixture as a coolant that is pumped to the cabins through pipes. Depending upon requirements, the
interior can either be cooled or heated. The BlueCool C-series consists of eight different air-conditioning systems with cooling capacities of between 16,000 and 108,000 BTU/h.