Aug 25, 2022

It’s still vacation time and that means calories don’t count.

Boat Galley CookbookThe Boat Galley Cookbook: 800 Everyday Recipes and Essential Tips for Cooking Aboard
by Shearlock, Carolyn & Jan Irons
CAD $61.95

Teaches readers how to set up, provision, and cook in their galley so no one goes hungry. Includes a chapter on substitutions for making do when your galley is running low on key ingredients. Uses unique, resourceful techniques not found elsewhere, such as Thermos cooking, and more.









Boat Cookbook 2ndThe Boat Cookbook: Real Food for Hungry Sailors
by Sims, Fiona
CAD $35.00 CAD $10.00 (SALE)

2nd ed. A collection of delicious and easy recipes that can be made aboard with minimum fuss and maximum flavour. Sims includes recipes from top chefs and sailing legends, tips for setting up the galley and hosting the perfect beach barbecue, and much more. A must-have guide for sailors and seaside-lovers alike.









Boat Drinks BookThe Boat Drinks Book: A Different Tipple in Every Port
by Sims, Fiona
CAD $27.95

Food and wine writer Fiona Sims serves up an expert look at the drinking culture in key sailing ports in five regions–Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic, Pacific, and the Caribbean–and encourages readers to explore and experience specific locales through food and drink. She both highlights specialist merchants, legendary bars, and local markets and includes regionally inspired recipes for drinks and nibblies that are perfect for the cockpit (or living room!) cocktail hour.








The Care and Feeding of Sailing CrewThe Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew
by Pardey, Lin & Larry Pardey
CAD $36.95

4th ed. The Pardeys have not only assembled here a wealth of boat-friendly and nourishing recipes and cooking tips, they’ve compiled advice on all facets of food-related prep for bluewater cruising: outfitting a galley, keeping a crew healthy and rested, disposing of trash, and much more. Fully updated and based on the famous cruising couple’s recent voyages.









Storing Food Without Refrigeration Storing Food Without Refrigeration
by Shearlock, Carolyn
CAD $21.95

From milk and cheese to eggs and meat, this book lays out ways boaters (and hikers and campers) can have healthy home-cooked meals without artificially freezing or chilling their food stocks. Shearlock explains how to properly wash, store, treat, and cook foodstuffs for maximum flavour and safety.








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