July 21, 2022

Books to read while you’re semi-snoozing in the cockpit on a lazy summer afternoon. Some diversion, some useful. Enjoy.

Never Say P*GNever Say P*G
by MacDonald, R. Bruce
CAD $22.95

A never-seen-before collection of maritime superstitions ranging from the East Coast to the Great Lakes of Canada, the Inuit to the First Nations Peoples of the Pacific Northwest. From sailor and author R. Bruce MacDonald, who swears he didn’t know not to stir his tea with a knife, comes this guide to the ways in which we ward off bad luck at sea.








Reeds Cloud Handbook

Reeds Cloud Handbook
by Perkins, Oliver
CAD $20.00

 A quick-access, easy-to-use guide to identifying cloud types and how to predict what each cloud type can tell us about the weather and predict how it will change.










Skippers Cockpit NavigationSkipper’s Cockpit Navigation Guide
by Westerhuis, Rene
CAD $25.00

 Here’s an ideal instant reference for all skippers and crew that’s meant to be within reach when you’re underway. Westerhuis covers essential navigation skills and techniques with a user-friendly, easy-to-follow, succinct approach. Practical considerations include spiral binding and laminated splash-proof pages. Skippers and crews of all levels will find this a handy help.








Bluffing Bible


The Sailor’s Bluffing Bible
by Davison, Tim
CAD $29.95

 In The Sailor’s Bluffing Bible, you will learn how to bluff with the best in the sailing club bar and manoeuvre yourself onto sleek yachts and fast dinghies. Once there, our tips on what to do, what to wear and what to say will come in very handy. You may even be asked back!

Whether racing or cruising or on a sailing holiday you will be able to hold your own in conversation, staggering your audience with your sailing knowledge. A perfect book or gift for the sailor and would-be sailor, illustrated by nautical cartoonist John Quirk.






Secret World of Weather

The Secret World of Weather
by Gooley, Tristan
CAD $28.95
An ingenious collection of tips and tricks for analyzing and anticipating weather phenomena.










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