Feb 28, 2019

Blue Water Women BookGina de Vere approached me at the Canadian Yachting booth at this year’s Vancouver International Boat Show and introduced me to her book Blue Water Women. Listening to her, it took only a few moments to see her passion for sailing and her joy in sharing her experiences.

In her own words: “This book is for the young and young at heart who yearn for adventure. It is written for those women considering a life-changing direction and those seeking a career at sea.  It is not an instruction book, but you will learn from the experience of other blue water women what you need to know to have your own adventures.”

Gina Ready To Wlecome Guests
Gina de Vere welcoming guests on SV Stardancer

Interviews within the book are other blue water sailing women. Shared advice and experiences show you how to make the most of your adventure. This book will see you safely and confidently make that leap of faith to experience the joys of a life lived at sea.

With little sailing experience and in her late 50s, Gina DeVere left her comfortable home with her second husband, a passionate sailor. Needless to say, her life turned upside down. Life at sea is not all plain sailing. She experienced medical emergencies, foreboding weather and a new relationship that’s thrown in the spot light in the most crammed conditions you can imagine, but the joys and sailing and the freedom of life at Sea far outweigh the struggles.

Beach to Oneself15 years on, she is still a full-time cruiser and on her ventures she has met countless other inspirational and courageous Blue Water Women, 40 of whom she has interviewed for this book.

The book is packed with practical sailing trips and trustworthy advice that is interwoven with the inspirational real-life stories of women sailors from around the world, from novices to professionals

Through their shared experiences and de Vere’s frank advice, this book provides an entertaining yet pragmatic look at how to live your best life on the open water.

- Bob Nicoll