1st Mate Security SystemWouldn’t you feel better knowing that your boat had a system to monitor and help in the event that anyone falls overboard?

Mercury Marine has introduced their new 1st Mate Safety and Security System. This has an intelligent hub, a set of wearable products and a mobile device app that integrate with your boat's propulsion systems to provide potentially lifesaving safety features and to help secure property. Its three main features are: 1) a boater-overboard monitoring and alert system, 2) distress-messaging capability, and 3) deterrence against theft of the boat and/or its engine(s).

The 1st Mate mobile app is available now and works with either Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines, or many other engine brands. Visit your Mercury dealer for information, or visit:
Canadian MSRP starts at Single Engine – $811.45, Dual Engine - $912.87 and up to as many as 6 engine installations. Passenger fobs are available for $182.55