Nov 19, 2020

Volvo XC90 ExteriorBy Glen Konorowski

The problem with driving any full-size Pickup Truck or Sport Utility Vehicle is that when you are not towing anything, generally fuel consumption is not that exciting. For those of you who like to keep fill ups to a minim, Volvo just might have the answer. The vehicle is the All-Wheel Drive Volvo T8 R. This is as you might expect from Volvo these days is a plug-in hybrid with both a gas and electric motor that work together is a seamless way giving the owner a very fuel-efficient ride.

What makes this all possible is the interesting engine/power configuration. This Volvo has a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with a supercharger as well. If this isn’t interesting enough add in an electric motor for a combined power rating of 400hp. That is 313 from the internal combustion engine and another 87 more horsepower from the electric engine. As we all know power to tow you boat come from the torque that is generated from these motors is 400lb-ft, @ 2200rpm, just what one need to pull the boat and trailer out of the water with ease. In the time I spent with the Volvo it all worked very well.

Volvo XC90 InteriorAs I mentioned, it is the fuel-efficiency of this motor configuration that makes this AWD vehicle special. Volvo claims that the fuel efficiency of the XC 90 T8 at 9.1L/100Km city and 8.8L/100Km highway and I have to say they are right on mark with those numbers. In the time I had the XC90 and the 300 odd kilometers I put on it, my fill up was about $10 of premium. Now, you have to remember I kept the XC90 plugged in at my home and the vehicle will go 50km on a charge and for the most part my “running around” was basically around town. To accomplish different driving needs the XC90 T8 has different driving modes. In my case I used the efficiency mode that uses the electric and gas motors in combination.

I will be the first to admit the XC90 is a good-looking SUV. My test vehicle was in blue and it really set it off. The interior was white which for looked good with the blue exterior. The test car had very soft Nappa leather seats which were extremely comfortable something I have come to expect from Volvo as comfortable seating has been a strong point on their vehicles since the mid-sixties. The XC 90 has seating for 7 and 4-comfoatably. Back seats were very comfortable as well. Without the rear seats up there was plenty of space to store you boating gear and tons of room if the back seats are folded as well.

Volvo XC90 Side ViewInside the Volvo all the controls were generally found in the touch screen in the lower centre dash. They took a few days to become familiar with them as I wasn’t born with an I Phone in my hand. A heads-up display was also another feature I found nice as you really don’t have to take your eyes off the road to keep an eye on you speed.

Speaking of speed, well with the amount of power this vehicle produces getting anywhere quickly is not a problem. Acceleration is extremely fast on the Volvo, as I really had to watch myself. To compliment this speed is great braking and very nice handling for a SUV of this size. The 22-inch alloy wheels did their part keeping the XC90 stuck to the road plus looking good. I have to admit I could become addicted to the XC90 general performance.

I could go on forever about all the other options the XC90 T8 R has but take my word, everything is just what you would expect in a luxury vehicle like this. You name and this Volvo had it and more. The large panoramic sunroof was something I like as well, unfortunately it was on the wetter side while I have the car and really couldn’t enjoy it as much as I had wanted.

So, what is the price of all this luxury, well one is looking at about $104,000 for the well optioned test vehicle or about $94,500 to start.

Glen KonorowskiGlen Konorowski is a life long automotive enthusiast and automotive journalist for 35-years. He also claims to be former Commodore of the Monty Carlo Yacht Club!