Wireless Key Fob

Joystick-operated bow and stern thrusters from Sideshift make docking and other close maneuvers safe and simple. For further convenience, enhanced boat control now rests in the palm of one's hand, with the Sideshift wireless key fob. It enables remote operation of Sideshift thrusters, even from the dock.

This compact, 4-button wireless transmitter is ideal for singlehanded docking, to keep the bow from drifting while tying up astern. A first mate can also use the key fob while on deck, without having to shout directions to the helmsman, to help bring the vessel into place. It enables the user to control boat movement from an ideal location with enhanced visibility, for safer close-quarters maneuvers.

The wireless controller is compatible with any Sideshift thruster, even older models. The single kit operates either a bow thruster or stern thruster. It includes one key fob and one receiver box, which connects to an existing joystick controller. A dual kit contains two receiver boxes for vessels with both bow and stern thrusters.

Sideshift's versatile, externally-mounted bow and stern thrusters greatly enhance boat control. Installation takes only a few hours and requires no holes below the waterline. A range of models accommodates boats from 20-50'.