Cars Onboard: Introduction of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

2021 Cadillac Escalade

Mar 12, 2020

By Glen Konorowski

Editor’s note: A bit of a departure – CYOB’s contributor Glen has not yet run the Escalade, but we figure you would enjoy a look ahead. The photos come from GM, not taken towing Glen’s boat.

On the 13th of February General Motors introduced their new 2021 Cadillac Escalade to the press that the Toronto International Auto Show for release later this year. I will assume Cadillac is trying to play catch-up with Lincoln as they introduced their Navigator a few years back and their Escalade was getting a little “long in the tooth”.

So, you ask what they can do special to a big vehicle like this. With some creative design GM engineers have redesigned the platform so that now the third row passengers have a more (10-inches) pleasant space to sit. Adding to this redesign they have added more space for cargo in the back (about 30%.) As for size, the Escalade is roughly about the same size as in the past. I believe it will come in two lengths and a 4-wheel-drive as in the past, as well.

One engineering feat I am impressed with is that the new Escalade will now have an independent rear suspension. This alone should really help ride quality and enhance handling characteristics as most of these vehicles rack up the mileage traveling and towing at the same time. To make the ride as smooth as ever, the Escalade retains its popular magnetic ride system with adjusts to the roads condition.

For those who move their boats about, towing capacity should be about the same as the 2020 models at around a shade over 8,000lbs. (3630kg.) Nobody has confirmed this as of yet, but they do have to keep up with their Lincoln counterpart. The new Escalade will have an optional integrated trailer towing camera system. This feature will have aids to enhance your towing and backing up ability.

Under the hood the new Escalade will have basically the same engine as the 2020 a 6.2L V8 that produces 420hp. and torque of 460ft.lbs. Towing within the vehicles capacity will be basically effortless. To keep fuel consumption to a minimum will be a 10-speed automatic, which seems to be the norm for this size of vehicle.


To turn up the dial on new technology, this new Caddy has some amazing features even I was impressed with. First off is the new dash, an OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diodes. This system emits a very clear image/picture better than the present LED dash screens in present vehicles. One other feature of the OLED is that it can be curved, unlike present systems that are flat. This new dash allows the driver to have the regular speedo/gauges or a digital map, enhance view of the road, or a view of the road in night vision.

If you have an affinity for good sound in your vehicle well Cadillac has stepped up the level of good listening with a sound system designed by AKG. They are well known for their high end headphones which are used by professionals. In fact I had a pair some years ago and can attest to their superior sound quality. Working with engineers AKG designed a near perfect sound system with 36 speakers for the Escalade what they call a 3D surround system.

As we all know, talking while the music is on can be difficult. With microphones in the right spots, passengers can communicate without yelling as voices are incorporated into the music.

One last new innovation to Cadillac Escalade is the super cruise system which in a nut shell allows one to change lanes with the drivers input. Yes, this might sound a little scary at first, but having experience a little bit of autonomous driving it takes a little getting used to.

All this technology and changes to the new Escalade has I have to say has perked my interest. Unfortunately, the 2021 Escalade will not hit the streets until later in the year and I really can’t wait to get in and drive it.

Glen KonorowskiGlen Konorowski is a life long automotive enthusiast and automotive journalist for 35-years. He also claims to be former Commodore of the Monty Carlo Yacht Club!

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