GOST Demos of Global Remote Marine Security, Monitoring, Video Surveillance & GPS Tracking Systems


The GOST® (Global Ocean Security Technologies) Nav-Tracker line of GPS tracking systems utilitzes the Inmarsat Satellite Constellation for all communication and control, providing complete global coverage everywhere in the world except the extreme poles.

Nav-Tracker systems report to the GOST Nav-Tracker website where customers can   add up to 10 recipients to receive emails/text messages from the system, as well as remotely arm and disarm a 500-meter geofence around the vessel. If the boat moves outside of the geofence when armed, the system will send geofence breach messages with the speed, heading, and location of the vessel to designated recipients. Different GOST Nav-Tracker systems are available to meet the needs of boat owners, such as the GOST Nav-Tracker 1.0 Insurance package which provides tracking only and includes a push button to locally arm and disarm the geofence.  

Originally designed for center consoles, the GOST NT-Evolution 2.0 features remote security and monitoring, as well as tracking. The GOST NT-Evolution 2.0 is also capable of up to five wireless relays to control any AC/DC function on board. One of these relays can even be utilized with Lumishore Ltd. Underwater LED lights to pulse when the GOST system goes into alarm, increasing visibilty of a stolen boat at night. Customers who purchase a Nav-Tracker 1.0 basic tracking system can upgrade at any time to another GOST Nav-Tracker system, utilizing the same Nav-Tracker antenna. Additional GOST Nav-Tracker systems can be found on the GOST website.

Wireless Security & Monitoring System

The GOST Phantom can support up to 64 wireless sensors for security and monitoring and 8 wireless relays to control any AC/DC functions on board your vessel. Monitor high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power, temperatures in bait & food freezers, smoke, intrusion and much more. Sophisticated, marinized deck pressure sensors, door contacts, dual optical passive infrared motion sensors and pull sensors alert you to intrusion or potential theft on your vessel. “Prevent the event” by programming a siren and flashing lights to go off when a sensor is triggered and deter thieves immediately. When an event occurs, the GOST Phantom will call/text up to 8 phone numbers with a voice recording or text message letting you know the vessel’s status and the event that has occurred. GOST Phantom and GOST Insight HD packages are available which include recommended  security and monitoring sensors, GPS tracking, and/or remote video surveillance.

Global Remote Video Surveillance System

The GOST Watch HD 3G packages include everything needed to remotely monitor all activities onboard the vessel,  anywhere in the world over the internet. Watch live video of the yacht as it leaves the harbor or view activities in the salon, staterooms or engine room from any PC or smartphone with internet access. Cameras can be set to record and send video clips via email or text message when motion is detected. The system can accommodate up to 6  cameras per login. The GOST Watch HD app is available to download for free on Apple and Android devices.

GOST Watch HD VIP Series packages are also available which provide high definition surveillance using a high speed internet connection through the KVH line of mini-VSAT Broadband? systems, along with a penta-band GSM/CDMA cellular data communicator for use when in cellular coverage areas. Vessels equipped with the GOST Watch HD video surveillance system and FLIR M-Series thermal night vision cameras can also have access to website based remote PTZ control of FLIR cameras on board and can view live streaming video of onboard cameras from anywhere in the world. The easy-to-use, web-based pan, tilt, zoom and mode control interface on the GOST Watch HD website works  

like the control puck on board, with a few modifications that enhance the capabilities for remote surveillance.  

The most noteworthy of these modifications is a one touch “Surveillance Scan” button that instantly performs a peripheral sweep of the area immediately surrounding the vessel.

For more information about GOST systems, visit  www.gostglobal.com.

Neptunus 650F Review

Neptunus 650F 400

By Andy Adams

Over the years Canadian Yachting has had the pleasure of doing several boat review articles on new Neptunus models and we are familiar with the qualities that Neptunus is famous for. They have all been exceptional yachts, but this is the one I would most want to own myself. It’s a personal choice and a matter of taste as to whether you would prefer to have a sedan express model or a flybridge but in my opinion, the flybridge layout offers some wonderful attributes.

We met with Neptunus Managing Director Jan Willem De Jong this past fall to take the new Neptunus 650F out in Lake Ontario. 

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Sunset off St John

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I was first seduced by the United States Virgin Islands during a ferry ride from St. Thomas to Tortola to begin one of our earliest British Virgin Islands charters nearly twenty years ago.

A perfect sunset off St. John with St. Thomas views for backdrop.

Clearing Pillsbury Sound, surrounded by voluptuous emerald mountains as the ferry sliced through royal blue waters, I was struck by the unspoiled ambiance of St. John, the island gliding past our starboard beam and the irresistible charm of a village called Cruz Bay visible from our quarter stern.

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