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An Embarrassment of Mangoes

June 10, 2021

Embarrassment of MangoesAn Embarrassment of Mangoes
by Vanderhoof, Ann
CAD $21.00

Exchanging business clothes for bare feet, Ann and her husband, Steve Manley, founder of PORTS Guide, said goodbye to the Toronto rat race and sailed off on their Tartan 42, “Receta” (“recipe” in Spanish), bound for the Caribbean. Ann’s descriptions of the sun-drenched landscapes, her encounters with enchanting characters, and her memories of the mouthwatering tastes of their new lifestyle make it easy to imagine that you are cruising along with them. And by providing some of the best recipes-from Bahamian cracked conch to Dominican papaya salsa and classic West Indian Rum Punch-Ann invites you to experience at least part of the dream for real.








Green Ghost, Blue Ocean
Green Ghost, Blue Ocean: No Fixed Address
by Smith, Jennifer M.
CAD $21.95

Early in their careers, Smith and her husband Nik realized that rewards in the corporate world might grow but would essentially remain the same–more money for more things–and they would never provide time off for real self-discovery. The couple seized on the idea of long-distance sailing as their preferred road less travelled. This memoir chronicles the adventures that unfolded over 40,000 nautical miles and 17 years.










Jean du SudbookJean-du-Sud and the Magick Byrd
by Gelinas, Yves
CAD $24.95

Gelinas’ “performance piece” was his attempt to sail around the world non-stop. Dismasted in the Pacific, he repaired his mast and completed the voyage, returning to Gasp? after 282 sailing days. “Not since Bernard Moitessier has there been a better example of someone being so perfectly in tune with their boat, the sea and themselves,” writes Andy Schell, publisher of the English edition of Gelinas’ classic memoir. First published in 1988 in French










Sea Over Bow Linda KenyonSea Over Bow: A North Atlantic Crossing
by Kenyon, Linda
CAD $15.00

When her marriage of 25 years ended badly, Linda Kenyon was determined never to put herself in the way of a broken heart again. Enter an extraordinary man. In an act of courage–or foolishness?–Kenyon decided to sell everything and sail the Atlantic with him. This romance-cum-sailing-adventure is about love’s rebirth: love for a man, for the sea, for the simplicity of life afloat, and for the beauty of the natural world.











Ready to Come AboutReady to Come About
by Williams, Sue
CAD $20.99

With no affinity for the sea and not a single adventure-seeking bone in her body, Sue Williams headed off into the North Atlantic in the wake of a perfect storm of personal events. Two things were clear to her: her sons were adults and needed freedom to figure things out for themselves, and it was now or never for her husband to realize his dream to cross an ocean under sail.












Home On WavesHome on the Waves: A Pacific Sailing Adventure
by Hill, Patrick
CAD $9.99

The author recounts how he and his wife, Heather, built a 42-foot fibreglass sailboat in their backyard, packed up their two children, and embarked on a 14-month, 15,000-mile adventure around the Pacific. Their cruise begins and ends in Vancouver, and takes in the west coast of America, the South Pacific, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Hawaii, and Alaska.











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Neptunus 650F Review

Neptunus 650F 400

By Andy Adams

Over the years Canadian Yachting has had the pleasure of doing several boat review articles on new Neptunus models and we are familiar with the qualities that Neptunus is famous for. They have all been exceptional yachts, but this is the one I would most want to own myself. It’s a personal choice and a matter of taste as to whether you would prefer to have a sedan express model or a flybridge but in my opinion, the flybridge layout offers some wonderful attributes.

We met with Neptunus Managing Director Jan Willem De Jong this past fall to take the new Neptunus 650F out in Lake Ontario. 

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The Other Virgin Islands

Sunset off St John

By Mark Stevens

I was first seduced by the United States Virgin Islands during a ferry ride from St. Thomas to Tortola to begin one of our earliest British Virgin Islands charters nearly twenty years ago.

A perfect sunset off St. John with St. Thomas views for backdrop.

Clearing Pillsbury Sound, surrounded by voluptuous emerald mountains as the ferry sliced through royal blue waters, I was struck by the unspoiled ambiance of St. John, the island gliding past our starboard beam and the irresistible charm of a village called Cruz Bay visible from our quarter stern.

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