Doreen Hinksman Receives Special Recognition Award from the Canadian Safe Boating Council

CASBA's 2017

Jan 25, 2017

CASBA's 2017Past Chief Commander Doreen Hinksman, AP, was awarded the “Special Recognition Award” at the annual Canadian Safe Boating Council’s (CSBC) Canadian Safe Boating Awards (CASBA) on Sunday, January 22, 2017 in Toronto with representatives from many organizations, marine units, partners and a supportive group great group of CPS-ECP supporters in attendance.

As paraphrased from the award presentation:

This Special Recognition Award is being given to Doreen Hinksman for her 52 years of volunteer service with the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, in promoting boating safety.

Doreen is a Past Chief Commander of CPS-ECP from 1997-1999. She is the first and the only woman to achieve this role in Canada.

Doreen has earned 48 Merit Marks with CPS-ECP. This is a significant number.

Doreen was born outside of London England and her first boating experience was to take the Empress of Canada ship to Canada to visit her sister. She loved Canada, and we can assume boating, so much that she decided to stay to live in Canada.

She embraced boating and started with sailing lessons at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. She then joined the local Weston Squadron which spun off to be part of the Brampton Squadron.

This was 52 years ago!

Doreen and her husband John are avid boaters and very involved at their Squadrons.

Doreen joined the Squadron in 1963 and she wanted to move up and take a leadership role. Doreen is a worker. She likes to do things and is very organized. She was able to become a lady associate – but not allowed to go any further up the line to be a full associate as that was as far as a woman to go with CPS-ECP.

She thought that is not right and worked diligently to change the rules. It took 3 votes of the then Governing Board to give equal opportunity for women to become a full member.

Doreen is a trailblazer. She kept climbing the CPS-ECP ladder.

She became the first woman on the CPS-ECP Executive committee acting as National Secretary in 1991, in 1993 she became the National Administrative Officer, in 1995 the National Executive Officer and in 1997 the first woman as Chief Commander.

There have been no other women as Chief with CPS-ECP since then and there has been no woman as Chief with the US Power Squadrons in the USA.

Doreen sees women coming up the line at CPS-ECP and is a mentor for many.

Doreen has Chaired the National Conference Committee for 7 years, led the strategic planning process and conducts orientation sessions for all new District Commanders and Boards of Directors.

She has been involved in various capacities with CPS-ECP and she said one of her most rewarding accomplishments was setting up a new initiative for youth in the late 1980’s. This program was called Boatwise.

Doreen is viewed as the “go to person” within and she is a person that provides solid advice and direction.

Doreen has been very involved with the United States Power Squadrons for almost 20 years and has been a director of the United Safe Boating Institute in the US representing Canada.

Doreen has received numerous awards including The Joseph Gatfield Leadership Award in 2016. This award honours an individual who demonstrates outstanding leadership and continues to make long lasting contributions to CPS-ECP.

Doreen has given over 50 years of her life to safe boating and safe boating education. She is a role model, a mentor for many and a trailblazer. Please join me in recognizing Doreen Hinksman with this Special Recognition Award.

– Courtesy of the Canadian Safe Boating Council.

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