CPS-ECP Chief Commander Peter Bolton’s Christmas Message

Holiday Mess

Dec 19, 2019

We have already changed our direction. The new software we are already using opens up new avenues, new ways of operating – we are on a voyage of discovery.

As we reach the end of the second decade of this century, we have also reached the end of an era. As we move into 2020 with the New IT System beginning operation and Office365 implementation on the near horizon we will be better placed to communicate better, cut down the number of emails we receive and make it easier to keep in touch with our members and customers.

The CC Marketing Implementation Committee is working on producing web “landing pages” for prospective PCOC ROC(M) customers. Prospective customers need to be able to find the information that they need to enroll in our “licence” classes quickly and easily. Prospective customers won’t waste time searching through a complicated and confusing website. We need external customers, but we also need internal customers a.k.a members so we need to cater to them and don’t forget to ask them “Why haven’t you taken a course recently?” Can you still recall everything that you learned when you took the Boating Course twenty years ago? If you still go out on the water, maybe you need to refresh your knowledge. We are steadily improving and expanding our online classes into the western and eastern time zones to make it easier to study “blended” courses after you have got home from work…

We now have a new National Executive Director Mimma Spagnolo starting mid-January. She has an extensive IT background and has been overseeing the project management teams that implement large, complex, IT process improvement initiatives. We are delighted to have her on the Team.

As I started to write this message the New IT System was about to launch, and we had worries about whether it would or not and if it would work when it did. Well we did launch and apart from the expected minor glitches and some that we didn’t, the system is working. We do still need error reports from Squadron and District Officers, but we do not need folks telling us that a hundred monkeys sitting at typewriters could have done better. The infamous WBAS is gone forever please get used to it.

As we explore new territory and adventure into the unknown, I would like you to know that ex Gabriola Squadron Education Officer Bert Terhart who in my mind is today’s Ultimate Explorer is now well into his round the world solo voyage. Bert left Victoria at end of October at the beginning in the good ship Seaburban, an OCY 45.

He intends to round five capes following the “footsteps” of explorers of years ago using their methods. He will be travelling around Cape Horn, Cape Agulhas, Cape Leeuwin, South East Cape, South East Cape. His tools are knowledge, a compass, a chart, a sextant (and spare), DR positions, midday plots and the mark one eyeball. No GPS. He does have weather assistance and satellite comms for safety, but he is on his own for seven months, awaited back home by his bride Nani. In his spare time Bert is also undertaking a significant environmental outreach program. PDC Don Butt & Gabriola Island Squadron members are following his progress and adventures.

His blog is on: https://www.sailblogs.com/member/seaburban/ with progress charts. As of today, 4th December he is close to 14 degrees South and 130 degrees West, in the middle of the Pacific. When we are sitting down in front of our turkey Bert should be somewhere near Cape Agulhas.

I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a healthy and busy 2020.

Improve your 2020 Vision and plan to see us in Windsor in October.

Peter Bolton, SN – CPS-ECP Chief Commander

Neptunus 650F Review

Neptunus 650F 400

By Andy Adams

Over the years Canadian Yachting has had the pleasure of doing several boat review articles on new Neptunus models and we are familiar with the qualities that Neptunus is famous for. They have all been exceptional yachts, but this is the one I would most want to own myself. It’s a personal choice and a matter of taste as to whether you would prefer to have a sedan express model or a flybridge but in my opinion, the flybridge layout offers some wonderful attributes.

We met with Neptunus Managing Director Jan Willem De Jong this past fall to take the new Neptunus 650F out in Lake Ontario. 

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The Other Virgin Islands

Sunset off St John

By Mark Stevens

I was first seduced by the United States Virgin Islands during a ferry ride from St. Thomas to Tortola to begin one of our earliest British Virgin Islands charters nearly twenty years ago.

A perfect sunset off St. John with St. Thomas views for backdrop.

Clearing Pillsbury Sound, surrounded by voluptuous emerald mountains as the ferry sliced through royal blue waters, I was struck by the unspoiled ambiance of St. John, the island gliding past our starboard beam and the irresistible charm of a village called Cruz Bay visible from our quarter stern.

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