July 25, 2017

SchoonersIt has been several years since the harbour has seen a fleet of schooners in Shelburne. Excitement is building with anticipation of an outstanding week of sailing. The Association always has an open-door policy and welcome visitors on their vessels. This is a chance to be up close to an actual schooner, these magnificent sailing vessels that are slowly disappearing from the ocean. Once upon a time our coast was peppered with schooners. They were the workhorses of the water. Generations of families have made a prosperous living working on these vanishing vessels.

The Nova Scotia Schooner Association are dedicated to the preservation of schooners. They honour the working history of the boats and the crews who sailed them. They are invited yearly to a different Nova Scotia port to sail their privately owned and operated vessels in a full week of joyful races. The show is not one to be missed and is sure to be a forever memory once seen.

Nova Scotia SchoonersIn celebration of Canada's 150 birthday they have a bonus for visitors. They are going to be joined by the totally new, the totally magnificent schooner Columbia from Florida, USA. The original Columbia raced against our beloved Bluenose, but Bluenose remained the champion. Later, Columbia was lost off Sable Island with no survivors. This new vessel is an exact replica of the original and it is well worth the trip to see her. She will be racing for the coveted Fisherman’s Trophy. All the trophies will be on public display at the Canada Post office on Mowatt St, Shelburne.

Expect to see at least 2 schooners from the Caribbean, possibly 4 from Maratha’s Vineyard and 2 from Gloucester. In short, the guest schooners are going to be numerous and you will be challenged to find a more beautiful fleet of schooners anywhere.

Columbia Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club is a spectacular place to berth and relax after a day of outstanding sailing. It is also the best place in town to view the races and see these majestic vessels hoist their sails and 'schoon' away. It will take your breath away and you will be forever happy to recall the memory of seeing something so unusual in 2017 that was so usual in 1867. See you in Shelburne Nova Scotia August 6-12 and Happy 150.

Photo Credit, Photos 1-2: NSSA
Photo Credit Photo 3: G. Cairns