September 14, 2022

OXE Diesel Outboard enginesBCI Marine is announcing that it will become Canada's distributor of OXE Marine's high-performance diesel outboard engines.

Operating in BMW's plants, OXE Marine manufactures the best high-performance diesel outboard engines in the world. They are designed for commercial users who need a low-maintenance, long-range engine that provides excellent performance and is extremely durable.

The combination of the modern diesel engine from the automotive industry and OXE Marine's patented belt transmission system provides these unique benefits. They are also compatible with all navigation accessories on the market and, as such, are an ideal choice for anyone looking to replace their fleet's engines.

"OXE promises fuel savings of 40% and a remarkable increase in power and torque! They have been building engines for many years and breakages are almost unheard of. 

OXE Diesel Outboard engines "By transforming the outboard engine in this way, OXE Marine is making water travel more sustainable, greener and cheaper, without compromising on reliability, endurance, power or control. The lower fuel consumption makes longer journeys possible.

"We are delighted that OXE chose BCI Marine, especially given the excellent relationships we have with dealers from coast to coast," says Patrick Hardy, President and Founder of the Quebec-based company.

In Canada, these engines are aimed at the security, rescue, tourism, coastguard, towing and infrastructure segments. BCI Marine is also expecting solid demand for this type of engine in the commercial fishing sector and for demanding operations in more remote regions.

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