Aug 10, 2022

George CohonMcDonalds Canada founder George Cohon shows us his unique foul weather jacket

As bonus of my journalistic responsibilities here at CY Media, I occasionally get called upon to do a story for Canadian Yachting magazine. Last month, I got the plum assignment of the year.

It’s hard to select which aspect of this story I was assigned is more noteworthy: the boat is a stunning Hinckley 48 that is a showstopper in every sense of the word. The extra special aspect is that the name of the boat is McHappy III, the ride of George A Cohon, the founder of McDonalds.

In my job as a boating scribe, I see my share of impressive craft, but this Hinkley really is in the next category with stunning lines and tradition plus a twin powerhouse that kills. George Cohon, as I learned, in addition to creating hamburger experiences across the country (and across Russia, but that’s another story) is a very proud Canadian, a very enthusiastic boater.

He’s also the curator of a terrific sense of humour. When I was given the opportunity to take photos, I couldn’t help but notice George’s one-of-a-kind foul weather jacket. Do you want fries with that?

We will tour this incredible boat and spend some more time with its remarkable owner in a winter issue of the magazine. When you see the detail and pictures, you will immediately see why it would make any boater, power or sail, very McHappy.

John Morris
Online Editor
Canadian Yachting Magazine
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