July 7, 2022

Cape Sable 501a spacious 38’ explorer with a Nova Scotia workboat heritage

Looking for a stylish 38' ocean-friendly motorboat? You need look no further than a Cape Sable from Cape Island Cruisers of Nova Scotia. The design is based on the time-tested Cape Islander workboat concept. The result is an elegant and safe boating-home designed for a generation of Maritimers looking to cruise the ocean waters at their doorstep.








Veteran sailor Tom Gallant says, “She’ll make a fine live-aboard — makes no fuss going through the water at ten knots, sips just over a gallon an hour, giving her a cruising range of nearly a thousand miles. You could ‘steam’ to Bermuda. She’s the kind of boat a retired sailor would love. The more experience you’ve had on the water, the more you’ll appreciate her virtues.”

The HeadThe first of this new line of production-built cruisers was launched by Dagley’s Boatworks at East LaHave, Nova Scotia last summer. Christened Stanley after famous Cape Islander workboat builder Stanley Greenwood, this prototype is now available for purchase.

The design was developed by boatbuilder Scott Dagley and Covey Island Boatworks founder John Steele. Discover more about the 38’ Cape Sable on