Dec 20, 2018

ACBSThe new Board is ready to continue to lead the club into the future with focus on our mission statement and history.  We are committed to continue to deliver quality events and presentations that our members have become accustom, all with fiscal responsibility. 

The Board’s main focus will be directed to a continued development and improvement of the WAVE Volunteer program as well as the Revitalization of Our Membership so that we can create an environment that will feed the club’s succession needs going forward.

- Scott Dunsmoor




Directors and Officers:
Scott Dunsmoor        President
Tom Crawford          Past-President
Mike Gridley             Vice-President
Gerry Lodge             Acting Secretary
Chris Bullen
Bill Clarke
Clancy Goodfellow
Greg Martin                       
Jeff Titshall
Scott Waites

Introducing our Newest Director – Scott Waites
Scott Waites

Scott Waites is a professor at Seneca College in the School of Marketing. His teaching focus is brand marketing, sales, presentations and sports marketing.

After almost twenty years in the agency world and Molson Breweries, he began his career in post-secondary education.

When not in the classroom Scott has been known to be coaching students for provincial competitions, sporting events or coaching hockey.

Scott has marine roots in the family and is a lifelong cottager and when not in the GTA he loves to water-ski with his three children at the family cottage outside of Algonquin Park.
Scott has been involved in organizing many sporting, community and entertainment events throughout Ontario and Canada, with current focus in Muskoka and the Almaguin Highlands. Recent events include The World Show Ski Championships and The Santa Claus Winter Water Ski Show in support of the Lion’s Club Community Food Drive
Scott is known to be a long-time collector of classic cars, outboards, snowmobiles and classic wood and glass boats.

He has plans to create a new chapter and move full-time to cottage country, when the many restoration projects can begin!!