Nov 9, 2017

China CupCongratulations to Triple Lindy featuring five Nova Scotians (Rory MacDonald, Patrick LaRoche, Sean McDermott, Rob Trainor, and John MacKay) who won their division at the Rolex Middle Sea Race which concluded October 25th in the waters off Malta in the Mediterranean. Here is a note from Crew Member Rory MacDonald about the Race!
Middle Sea 1

“Yesterday we finished the Middle Sea Race, placing 1st in our division, IRC 5, and 13th overall in IRC (also 2nd in division and 10th overall in ORC). This placed us ahead of boats such as Rambler88, Leopard, and Hugo Boss.

It was a brute of a race with winds mostly in excess of 20 knots throughout, long periods of 30 knots steady, plenty of squalls including a 46-knot session with heavy rain and hail, and the accompanying big seas and washing machine chop. Only 39 of the 105 boats that started managed to finish the race. Needless to say, we are proud of our accomplishment and stoked that we got Joe Mele a division win in the last of our races on the Swan 44. Now looking forward to having a 2nd run at the Sydney Hobart on the next leg of our adventures aboard the new Triple Lindy, the Cookson 50”

Meanwhile on the other side of the world in China another group of Nova Scotians is participating in the China Cup. Dale Robertson is leading a team of RNSYS sailors including John Hazeltine at the event taking place in Hong Kong. Mike Evans is also racing with a multinational crew in the Beneteau 40.7 fleet. We’ll have a more detailed report in the next Onboard.
“China Cup” credit: China Cup
“middle sea” credits: Rolex Middle Sea Race

Middle Sea 2

Middle Sea 3