Feb 6, 2017

IOD As mentioned in an earlier OnBoard, the crew at South Shore Marine have taken on the building of International One Design (IOD) class sloops in fibreglass. Inspired by an active and growing fleet in Chester and a major fleet in nearby Northeast Harbor, Maine, the prospects for a ready market are excellent.

The new boats have a solid fibreglass hull, with Coosa® cored decks. Indeed, there is not a stick of wood in the boat, unless a customer wants some exterior trim. The hulls are available in any standard gelcoat colour. Boats come with Harken® blocks and deck gear, US Spars® mast and boom, Spectr® core halyards and Bluewater® stainless rigging and turnbuckles.

Hull replacement option
An alternative which may be attractive to owners of older wooden IODs (the fleet dates to the late 1930s) may be replacing their worn-out hull with a new fibreglass hull and deck. For about half the cost of a completely new boat South Shore Marine will transport the old hull to Nova Scotia, salvage the ballast and all usable hardware and install them on a new glass boat.