Sept 7, 2016

IOD Fresh Out of The Mould

Shawn Mulrooney owner of South Shore Marine and Paul Benoit, Shawn’s fibreglass expert, began discussing the possibility of building International One design (IOD) in fibreglass back last fall when they first heard the moulds were available. In January of this year they received permission from the class federation to go ahead with the project. After the moulds arrived much work was involved in making sure they were ready to work to produce a high quality finish. Just last week they popped the first hull from the two-part mould. Paul, who has over 30 years’ experience working with fiberglass, pronounced the results “pretty good”. Both Shawn and Paul know these boats have to be finished to a high standards to please a very discerning and knowledgeable clientele. From the look of the first hull they are off to a good start.

The 33 foot sloops have a growing class in Chester, as well as several fleets in the US. Shawn hopes the favourable exchange rate will help attract buyers from south of the border.

Photo Credits: Glen Cairns

IOD Deck MouldPaul Benoit