Feb 10, 2016

Maple BayMaple Bay Yacht Club has the pleasure of providing volunteer Park Hosts for Pirates Cove Marine Park and Wallace Island Marine Park throughout the boating season.

Member of the MBYC may contact the Park Host Coordinator and volunteer to act as a Park Host. Having been briefed by the Coordinator they will qualify to sign up for available dates, attend and tie up to the applicable Park Host Slip, and assume the duties of the Park Host while in attendance.

Members may use the designated moorage while acting as Park Hosts. They may moor their vessel at the Park Host Dock @ Pirates Cove, DeCourcy Island or the Park Host Slip @ Conover Cove, Wallace Island. Volunteer Park Hosts provide information and assistance to the marine park visitors. This often includes answering questions about the park itself or about the surrounding area and assisting boaters who are unsure of where to anchor and/or select a poor location in the anchorage.

Hosts also act as the eyes and ears for those agencies responsible for maintaining and protecting the park. One important responsibility of every Park Host is to fill out and maintain both the Park Host Log and the Daily Activity Sheets. This information is a very valuable resource for the annual assessments of both the marine park and the Park Host Program.