Volvo Ocean Race
In addition to the sea of boats, a sea of blue and pink was also part of the picturesque and vibrantly alive Newport, Rhode Island landscape during Volvo Ocean Race’s mid May stopover.

Upon arrival in the seaside pinnacle port, I was quite proud to identify the pink and blue evidence of Team SCA. The only professional all female team in the prestigious race was marked by a stunning clothing collection of royal blue with crimson pink detailing.
Along my strolls through Newport, I pointed out at people (in my head) which I assumed to be members of the team. No wait, there is another team member on that side of the brightly spring flowered cascading treed Thames Street. -Wow! I further thought, I am in the midst of one of the greatest professional women sailing teams and their team is really extensive.

As my star struck eyes began to digest surroundings a little better, I started to distinguish the marketing prowess and the support of one of the most ethically minded and motivating teams currently navigation the globe.   I, too, was caught up in the pink and blue clothing team member look - and proudly wore it, in support of global sailing with a special message for women worldwide.  Their inspiring message can be further explored at

This was marketing at its best - the depth of marketing efforts and understanding of the ethical and moral mandates by Team SCA put this stopover location on fire.

On corporate brand awareness, sometimes we are skeptical, sometimes we embrace; however from an unbiased point of view, I am pleased to point out Volvo was undoubtedly the strong big brother of the Volvo Ocean Race committee allowing this to happen - they deserve our recognition and gratitude.

As a 5 star guest of Volvo, I can attest they made things happen - much like their efforts across the globe as a powerful leader in marine and industrial engines including marine propulsion systems, redefined luxury vehicles and powerful commercial generators since 1907.

Too many sponsors to mention during this high performance stop over, but it is the combination of corporate giants like Volvo Penta and SCA that make top level sailing accessible and allow dreams to flourish for both elite sailors and common folk sailors. Over 100,000 visitors enjoyed the VOR race village experience - and it could be imagined blue and pink clad kool aid stands were standing out in the sea of crowds.  

If you want to order your own kool aid – visit
Thank you for the kool aid - it was delicious and I want more.

-Ellen MacPhail