Bow RidingWe were contacted by Jeff Rhodes, President of BC’s Coastal Craft Boats who was moved by a U.S. news story about a 5-year-old being killed when he fell off the bow of the boat he was riding in and was struck by the propeller.

This sort of senseless tragedy should never happen. Rhodes contacted us to say, “I will sponsor a friendly safety notice reminding/urging people NOT to allow their children, passengers and pets to ride on the bow of boats while underway. I've personally seen this scenario too many times in BC waters and it sickens me every time, including an incident two weeks ago coming out of Horseshoe Bay. If I had of been in a boat and not on the ferry, I would have approached them and pleaded for them to get their three kids (all under 10 years old) off the bow. They were actually sitting forward of the bow rail with their legs hanging off the bow. Unbelievable!”

The U.S. news story was reported by Fox 13 in Utah. The story is at: The 5-year-old boy was riding on the bow of the boat when it hit a wave. He was thrown into the water and killed instantly when he was struck by the propeller. Everyone was wearing life jackets and no alcohol was involved.

If that isn't enough to convince you, closer to home in Ontario this week a six-year-old boy was in serious condition after a boating incident involving a boat motor propeller in Parry Sound on Saturday afternoon. He is at Sick Kids hospital and expected to make a full recovery. West Parry Sound OPP say two families from Grimsby were heading to their cottage around 4:40 Saturday afternoon with several children on the front edge of the boat with their feet in the water.  The pontoon boat accelerated and a 6-year-old boy was unable to lift his feet and was pulled under the boat.  Nearby cottagers helped the family to shore and emergency services who took the boy to the West Parry Sound Health Centre where he was later airlifted to Sick Kid's in Toronto.  Police say alcohol was not a factor and the boy was wearing a lifejacket which may have saved his life as he is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries. **Please note that a lifejacket will not save you from propeller injury!

Please remind your customers and fellow boaters to keep all people and pets safely inside the boat.

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