Discover BoatingTime on the water = quality time together. Everyone, including the kids, play an important role in a boating outing. Whether it’s helping with docking, checking the wind or offering ideas on where to swim, wakeboard or tube; boating is an interactive experience the whole family can enjoy together. In fact, 98 percent of frequent boaters said boating is a family-friendly activity, according to a Harris/Decima survey of more than 2,000 Canadian boaters in May 2012.  Find more ideas on how to have fun on the water with your family on

Boating is FUN, just ask boaters. Boaters surveyed entertained and/or socialized (58%), went sightseeing and exploring (63%), and tried water sports (34%) while on board. What better way to put smiles on everyone’s faces and some wind in their hair?

Fresh air and good exercise. Being on the water gets the kids (and adults) outside and moving. What’s more, boating can be a great way to keep the entire family active and in shape. According to the Harris/Decima survey, 35 percent of Canada’s frequent boaters describe themselves as being in good physical shape in comparison to 24 percent of non-boaters. Between fishing, sailing, water sports and more, there are many ways that boaters stay active. has more tips and information for getting on the water to enjoy the boating lifestyle. Check out the Marina and Ramp Locator for water access spots, as well as a list of boat rental options for those looking to get their feet wet before summer ends.