April 29, 2014
Hi Andy,
The very, very first “yacht” built by Sabre Yachts was called a Sabre Scow. They were built in Pointe Claire Quebec by Roger Hewson circa mid-1960’s. Later, I don’t recall when, Roger moved the company to Maine.
Here’s a picture of one:
I also found an article from 1966 by Alex Poe. Alex was an old friend of my father’s (we lived and sailed in Montreal). The article is from late September 1966r and was published in the Montreal Gazette. It mentions the Sabre. 

It is worth noting that Bentley Collins, the Marketing guru of Sabre Yachts (you likely have met him) is from Montreal.

Other trivia:
1. Bentley went to Junior Squadron with me at Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club. So did, Peter Hall  (Soling World Champ), Peter McBride (former president of Performance Sailcraft), Evert Bastet, KC Haffey, Alex Watters and the Cross Brothers (they used to own Gabriels Marine in Montreal and Halifax).
2. The Poe article mentions Sid Dakin – John Dakin’s father and Ken Walter (John’s uncle and Sid’s brother-in-law).

Happy reading!
Sandy, Bala Ontario

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