Chris Craft RendezvousAt the height of our fantastic summer, the Canadian Chris-Craft Rendezvous drew 18 vintage boats, including two from our neighbours to the south, to Telegraph Harbour Marina July 19-21.

This year's much-anticipated Saturday afternoon event was a blindfolded dinghy race, with two crewmembers in rowing dinghies, an oarsperson and a navigator. Each boat was equipped with a water super-soaker for navigators and a paper bag (size large) for the oarsman.  The course was relayed to navigators with a final twist: a committee member was positioned at the turnaround marker with a variety of floating rubber ducks. After rounding the mark, each crew had to retrieve a floating duck, with the oarsman still blindfolded – a true test of communication among crews. Once a duck was captured, the oarsperson could take off their bag. In the end, Gay and Bill Miller of the 25’ Chris-Craft Catalina Charlotte Time won the day, blindfolded all the way.
Saturday evening featured a potluck barbeque dinner and 50/50 prize draw. Then an impromptu gathering with two mandolins kept everyone singing into the night. Sunday morning seemed to start a bit later...perhaps thanks to the sing-a-thon.

Crews enjoyed a leisurely morning taking in the local market or just preparing for their next port of call.