July 22, 2021

ANEO Course ProductionThe Education department is continually working on its courses, and during the pandemic is no different. The focus changed to providing courses online, and many were converted to the Moodle platform. This entailed a lot of work by the Course Chairs involved and many others as well to move and update material from our Boating courses into the format required for online presentation. Fortunately, a lot was already in process, or complete, but much still needed to be done.

Now most of the core courses are available online and working well, and with a current project underway to upgrade them further for the Fall, we can now concentrate again on our classroom courses.

Boating 1 was finished just as the pandemic hit and now has the same 8 x 11 format as the rest of our manuals.

We are now underway on a complete review and update of Boating 2, 3 and 4. We hope to streamline the three courses, separate out the sections, and reduce the duplications. This will allow the corresponding similar information to build in detail and complexity as the students progress through the courses.

We are working on a full review and update of Electronic Navigation. A lot has changed since this course was written, and it will be a big job to rewrite it. John Kabel, the Course Chair, would like input as to whether it should be split in two, Basic and Advanced. Please let us know your thoughts.

We are also working on an interim Moodle version of Electronic Navigation, which should be ready this Fall.

By Cedric Robertson

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Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54By Zuzana Prochazka

Beneteau saw an opportunity to add a little thrill to any cruising adventure, so they took the hull of the First 53 racer (introduced just last year), and with a few fashionable changes, created the Oceanis Yacht 54, the new entry-level of Beneteau’s swanky Oceanis Yacht line. The result is a performance cruiser that sails like a witch and looks like a grande dame.


Roberto Biscontini is the naval architect and Lorenzo Argento created the details of the exterior and interior design. 

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Riverest MarinaThe new owners of L’Orignal Marina offer boaters a new destination. Located in a charming francophone village in Eastern Ontario, this joined marina and restaurant venue is the ambitious initiative of long-time entrepreneur André Chabot and biologist Alexandra Quester, both residents of L’Orignal.

The purchase of the L’Orignal Marina was made official in November 2020. The new year was barely underway when all 50 available slips were already reserved. No wonder the addition of member and visitor slips is already planned for the 2022 season – the 2021 count is up to 62 power and sail already. At the moment, the Riverest Marina offers boaters a stop where they can launch their boat...

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Galvanic CorrosionIt’s a scary thought – but whether your boat is made of wood, fiberglass, aluminum or composite – it’s slowly deteriorating under you. Part of this is the nature of the marine environment: Sun, moisture, waves, wind, movement and vibration all contribute to components breaking down.

But there are other factors that are much more concerning and act at a significantly faster rate that the environment can take credit for. One of these is commonly spoken of, but not terribly well understood: Corrosion. As boaters, we’re concerned with two main types of corrosion: Galvanic and Stray-Current. This edition will focus on galvanic corrosion – in two weeks, stay tuned for info on stray-current.

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Mia and Caleb's EngagementOn July 23 last year, CYOB published a piece on a beautifully restored 1967 Trojan 42 Motor Yacht in Oromocto NB. (That piece was also expanded in CY magazine later in the year.)

One of our Canadian Yachting contributors, Denise Miller, had shared the article on my social media and a young man reached out and asked if she could connect him with the owners of the boat, Dave and Barb. Denise leapt into action and Dave and Barb were thrilled. They concocted a plan that the young lady, Mia, thought she was coming to model for a sales brochure for Dave to do charter tours.

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