June 25, 2020

Maritime Radio Online SELF-StudyThis Maritime Radio ONLINE SELF-STUDY program is a completely integrated version of the classroom course that includes an online course manual and supporting learning materials. By taking this online self-study program you will learn how to operate a marine radio aboard a vessel. The course will address the following topics, and more, to help you be a smarter and safer boater: How to make routine and emergency calls using Digital Select Calling (DSC) and Voice Procedure, Channel selection, the phonetic alphabet and procedural words and phrases (radio speak), and The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and how it can help you in an emergency.

TIME PERIOD: You will have access to the program for 60 days.  

EXAM: The self-study program includes an exam to obtain a Restricted Operator's Certificate (Maritime) which will be done in person with a CPS-ECP certified examiner. DURING THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC this exam will be administered using a video link.

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CY Virtual Video Boat Tours

Virtual Boat ToursWe all love boats and nothing can break us up! So, what better way to spend our time than looking at interesting boats and going aboard in a virtual ride or tour. We have asked our friends at various dealers and manufacturers to help us assemble a one-stop online resource to experience some of the most interesting boats on the market today. Where the CY Team has done a review, we connect you to that expert viewpoint. If you can’t go boating, you can almost experience the thrill via your screen. Not quite the same, but we hope you enjoy our fine tour collection.


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Axopar 37 XCWhole new ball game…


Set aside your assumptions and expectations for a few minutes while we try to describe the new Axopar 37 XC that made its American debut at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. This boat represents a whole new ball game in terms of design, performance, seakeeping and functionality. In fact, I’d say it takes a ‘clean sheet of paper’ approach to boating – it’s that different.

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DolphinsBy the Canadian Yachting Editors

Canadians are blessed in many ways and especially when it comes to boating. We enjoy some the world’s most beautiful cruising waters and many places are as sheltered as they are scenic.

British Columbia and the Pacific North West plainly have the most breath-taking scenery with the combination of the majestic ocean views and the snow-capped mountains in the distance. It’s like no place on earth when you have a Killer Whale breach beside your little fishing boat.

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Andrew AlbertiIn the past two issues we have been doing an overview of the right-of-way rules. In the first, we did a review of Section A of Part 2, in the second we did a review of the definitions. This issue, we will look at Section B of Part 2, General Limitations, which is essentially limitations applying to boats that have right of way according to Section A.



A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if reasonably possible. However, a right-of-way boat or one entitled to room or mark-room

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