May 24, 2017

USBAt the April 8-9th Board of Directors meeting, the National Membership Committee has released a new tool for the promotion of Membership in CPS-ECP. A USB Memory Stick. No internet required, no downloading of information, or no writing a script for a presentation. All that is required is a computer to show the contents. This special Red USB Memory Stick contains videos and PowerPoint(s) in both languages. The Videos are personal testimonials by some of our members as to why they joined CPS-ECP. The benefits, the experiences, and rewards they have enjoyed by membership. The two PowerPoint(s) that show the Member Benefits our sponsors offer to CPS-ECP members. The Directors took on the task of assuring that these were delivered directly to the Membership Officers. By now the Directors will have personally delivered them to all the Districts and Squadrons as they attended the District AGM’s. The Squadron and District Membership Officers should now have them in their possession.

These USB Sticks can be used in the classroom, at events, or as a promotion or information at a non CPS-ECP event. These can be used to show why a member should continue membership, and why a new student should join. Have you ever had the questions asked of you, what is CPS-ECP, what are some of the benefits of belonging, why should I join? Here is your opportunity to talk about CPS-ECP to groups outside of your squadron. All you need to do is approach the Membership Officer, and tell them what you want to do. They will loan you the USB Memory Stick, and don’t forget to take some handouts with you. At the event show the video, show the PowerPoint, and talk about your experiences.

Bob Parke
Chair: National Membership Committee
Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons /