Marine MammalsWatching whales and other marine mammals in their natural surroundings is exciting. It gives us an opportunity to better appreciate these beautiful animals, but if we aren’t cautious, we risk disturbing and even harming marine wildlife (or ourselves).

CPS-ECP 2022 AGM & ConferenceIt doesn’t seem too long ago, that we started to plan for our first in-person Conference in over 2 years, but time seems to move sometimes more quickly than we would like.

Online SeminarFor the safety of oneself, the boat’s crew and the boat itself, the boater had best be prepared to take tides and currents into consideration when planning a voyage of any length in tidal waters.

Flare CollectionDisposing of expired flares has been an ongoing dilemma for boaters across the country. To help boaters dispose of expired flares in a safe and environmentally responsible manner CPS-ECP and selected CIL Dealers are hosting Safety Equipment Education and Flare Disposal Days.

Trent-Severn WaterwayParks Canada is currently seeking feedback on a new Draft Management Plan for the Trent-Severn Waterway and Peterborough Lift Lock National Historic Sites. Your input is important for a shared vision of the next 10 years.

Filming HelpWe need your help to assist us in obtaining stock video footage and photos this summer. Valentin Bacalu, our Audio Video Specialist, is willing to come to your dock, marina or yacht club to gather much needed content.

AquaMapAqua Map now includes weather in their app. That sounds so mundane that it may produce an immediate yawn. There are so many dedicated weather apps out there already, what could they possibly offer that’s not already available?

AGMWhile you are staying at the Sheraton Hotel you will be connected to an indoor pedestrian mall called The Path which covers over 30kms of walkway and is spread over 27 tunnels. Loaded with fantastic eateries, restaurants, shops and services, Toronto’s underground city is the world’s largest underground shopping complex.

New NavigatorThe question often comes up, why do we still teach the use of paper navigation charts when the obvious choice for most boaters is electronic chartplotters or a simple handheld GPS?

CPS Needs YouI just read the message from our Chief Commander, Peter Bolton, which will be published in the next The Port Hole and Le Hublot. It expresses some of my thoughts.

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X Shore Eelex 8000By Andy Adams

100% Electric performance available now

When we arranged to interview the designer and manufacturer to write a profile of the X Shore Eelex 8000 for the June 2021 issue of Canadian Yachting magazine, it was on the understanding that we always prefer to actually drive and experience the boats we write about, and we were especially keen to drive the X Shore when BCI Marine here in Canada, got their first boat from Sweden.

There has been a lot of media attention around everything electric lately, especially electric vehicles, but so far, most electric boats are a concept, not yet a reality. The X Shore Eelex 8000 is a reality and a very impressive one at that.

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Neptunus 650EBy Andy Adams

Last August, we were again invited to the Neptunus Yachts facility in St. Catharines, Ontario to run and review their latest yacht, a 202650E at their marina by Lake Ontario. Keen readers of Canadian Yachting might recall reading about a Neptunus 650 back in 2016 and while this is the same proven hull, Neptunus is a custom builder and the 2022 650E here has a totally new interior design and layout.

Neptunus builds bespoke yachts. The reality is that no two Neptunus Yachts are the same. Each is individually tailored to its owners tastes and activities and is finished to their specifications. 

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Marianne ScottBy Marianne Scott

Instant towns have sprung up in the past, especially on the BC coast. In the late 1850s, Victoria grew overnight into a tent city when hordes of prospectors stopped by to provision for their quest to get rich in the Fraser goldfields. The tents were followed quickly by brick hotels, stores and brothels. Prince Rupert began as a tent town after it was chosen as the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway’s terminus, then built more permanent structures.

But no place went up overnight like Ladysmith, where coal baron James Dunsmuir moved his miners “stock, lock and barrel” after coal seams further north on Vancouver Island had been exhausted.

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Marine SurveyingStory and photos by Timothy J.S. Martin

It seems like everyone has their “guy”, usually a marine surveyor they either know personally or have been referred to by another boater (or someone in the marine or insurance industries). Marine surveyors are often hired based on this type of referral, rather than on the merits of their qualifications and skills.

I often hear boaters express their displeasure about an experience where a marine surveyor “condemned” a boat, or the surveyor was viewed as unreasonable in relation to their recommendations. As a result, surveyors known to be less thorough and less detailed in their work tend to be favoured by boaters, especially for insurance surveys. 

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RS Electric BoatsSailGP, the international racing series featuring high speed F50 wingsailed catamarans, is partnering with RS Electric Boats – sister brand of sailboat manufacturer RS Sailing – to use the Pulse 63 electric RIB as chase, coach and support boats.

RS Electric Boats will supply SailGP with four Pulse 63s, which were designed to be electric boats from the outset. The unique aerodynamic hull form is designed to support the weight of the batteries while allowing rapid acceleration, functional speeds up to 23 knots and ample range.



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