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Richard LarivièrBorn in Beauce (Québec), Montrealer by adoption while at school and now for work and family reasons, I became passionate about navigation under sail at the age of 50.

New LawsFrom time to time new laws and regulations relating to the operation of pleasure craft are added to the Small Vessel Regulations and are also added to the key learning points required to pass the test for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC).

ClosureWe are taking measures to ensure the health and safety of all our volunteers, students and staff of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons. We are suspending all face to face activities, classes, squadron and district meetings and have closed the national office. Our employees are working from home and are available to help you.

CPS-ECP Board of DirectorsCanadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP) is accepting applications for Director positions from you the members of CPS-ECP.

CPS-ECP National Volunteer AwardsCPS-ECP is made up of extraordinary individuals. Wouldn’t you like to make sure those people know how much they are valued and their contribution appreciated?

CC BoltonWe are recommending that all face to face activities, classes, Squadron and District Meetings be postponed until at least mid-April as the coronavirus / COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly.

Nicole Ladner, SNicole has been involved with the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons since she was an infant. She took her first boating course sitting in a play pen at the back of the classroom while her father taught at the front. She grew up on the West Coast and always enjoyed being out on the water.

Boating 6 and 7The course chair for Boating 6 & 7 (Offshore Navigation) is looking for members interested in teaching those courses online.  This is a great opportunity to share navigation stories with other members and augment the number of Senior Members (SN) we have in our organization. 

Natural MarineIn the late 1970's myself and a lady friend decided leave our corporate positions to spend 3 years backpacking around the globe.

2005 Ocean Alexander 58 PilothouseBy Mike Schwarz

Pause for a moment and ponder this question. How much is your life and your safety at sea worth? Most people would say priceless and impossible to put a value on. And yet many people seem to misunderstand the worth and principle role of a marine surveyor, whose very job it is to ensure your safety at sea by surveying, inspecting and reporting on your expensive, potential new purchase. Instructing a marine surveyor to work on your behalf should never be seen as a distress purchase where price is the all-important factor, rather it is an essential requirement.

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Excess 12 and 15By Kieran Flatt

Catamarans have many advantages for cruising: more space, more speed, no heeling and a more comfortable motion. However, many experienced sailors find them less rewarding and engaging to sail than a monohull. That isn’t an inherent problem with multihulls, though. Rather, it reflects the fact that most cruising cats built in the last ten years have been aimed primarily at the charter market, designed above all to be docile and easy for novices to handle.


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UclueletOn the west coast of Vancouver Island Ucluelet is straddled between the famous Pacific Rim and the iconic Broken Islands.

The Ucluelet Boat Basin is steps away from the downtown core, and half-way between the iconic Long Beach and the Wild Pacific Trail

You are encouraged to take advantage of the untamed nature and sublime scenery while surfing, hiking, and enjoying the wildlife. Make the Ucluelet your base for exploration and adventure.

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