July 9, 2020

News From KingstonKYC Sailpast with Ross Cameron’s boat front and centre

KYC reports that while things aren’t normal, some activities are happening (and not happening.)

KYC SOLPast was an unbridled success! Thanks to ALL who dressed up their boats, and made up the KYC fleet to ring in the 2020 sailing season. Thirty-eight boats saluted the Flagship in what were perfect conditions for a lazy sailpast. We did this caper without sailing instructions (per se), and the fleet sailed past mostly in order. Many of you took off for an afternoon sail in what developed into nice conditions. Around 1700hrs, your galley staff did a great job of the first al fresco COVID friendly buffet of 2020. In short, Saturday’s event was all good- total success!

Best Safety First Award, best mask for a boat and well-protected crew - Windfarer

Best Excuse for Not Tipping My Hat, "My Hands are Full" - Single Handed Sailor holding a sheet in one hand, the tiller in the other and wearing a mask - so we weren't sure who it was?

We've been in close touch with OSA and are using a locally developed model that is similar to the Leo Reise model that OSA published.

We are not 'racing' per se. We publish a course using our mark array, open a starting line which boats cross, taking their own time, they sail the course and take their time as they finish 

Crew size is determined by dividing the boat LOA by 10. Fractions are round up.

We've published a Special Sailing Instruction for sailors. 

- Ross Cameron, Immediate Past Commodore, KYC