Mar 28, 2019

New VX FleetThe Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto has a heritage of fostering one design and handicap racing fleets and currently supports many: Sharks, J-105’s, 8 Metres, International 14’s along with Offshore/Handicap plus its club-owned Ideal 18’s & Sonars.

The club has now hatched a new fleet of 14 VX Ones in 2018 and is growing towards 20 in the Toronto area for 2019.  As many are owned in syndicates, there are expected to be some 30 owners/co-owners, 60+ regular sailors and upwards of 100+ who are participating in the fleet over the course of the summer.

VX FleetThe Fleet Philosophy is to create an inclusive, family-oriented but competitive sailing environment. Upwards of 100 club members test-sailed 5 boats, seeking an evenly matched but accessible, fun-fast sport-boat, suitable for both high-end and family fleet racing. To that end, the spacious cockpit, retractable keel and dolly-launchability (no launch crane line-ups!) made the VX One the best choice.

New VX FleetImportantly, no paid pros are allowed by VX One class rules and the RCYC fleet agreed to limit sail inventory to avoid an ‘arms race’ and keep sailing fair.  The underlying aim is to reinvigorate RCYC dinghy sailing and to have fun.  This fleet now sports husband-wife and family teams, women-only crews, as well as former Pan Am and past Olympians (medalists too).
About the VX One

Already well established globally with nearly 300 built in its first decade, the VX One looks fast and is, with a square-top main, low freeboard, fine plumb bow and wide stern with a hard chine that softens as it runs forward along the topsides. The side decks are very comfortable for hiking and Harken hardware ensures that sail controls work easily.

New VX FleetThe boat is kept upright by a 135-pound lead bulb hanging from a milled, fiberglass-covered 30-pound aluminum, high-aspect and retractable fin keel.
The VX One is built in the U.K. (Ovington) as well as in New Zealand (Mackay).
LOA 19ft // LWL 18ft 10in // 
BEAM 7ft 2in
DRAFT 4ft 4in // 
BALLAST 165lb // 
SAIL AREA 215ft2 (main and jib)
DESIGNER Brian Bennett and Ross Weene/ Rodger Martin Design
BUILDER Edgewater, Edgewater, FL, 912-236-3911
PRICE US$26,000 base