July 8, 2021

The Austrian Ocean Race Project - Stefan LeitnerPhoto credit Stefan Leitner

Just off The Ocean Race European Tour, Daniel is setting his sights on competing in The Ocean Race 2022-23,  and Vendee Globe 2028. He is currently in ongoing training with The Austrian Ocean Race Project Team’s Volvo 65 in The Ocean Race European Tour, which wrapped up in mid-June.

Not many Canadians, in fact not many humans, are involved in sailing around the world competitively. Daniel’s story started reasonably normally – as a young kid in Cole Harbour NS, his family dropped him at sailing school in the typical summer activity tradition. But by 13 he was doing overnight offshore races like the Convoy Cup, and the bug had bit him firmly.

Since then, he has been racing yachts up and down the East Coast, including a 2012 Newport-Bermuda Race class win, and multiple deliveries.

TAORP Andre Carmo Tore Lorient CasaisAlthough still under 30, Daniel has already logged 50,000 + nM been around the globe and a number of other accomplishments including the 12M Worlds and skippering a Whitbread 60. In the future, Daniel hopes to buy a Mini 6.50 and race it along the East Coast with a potential Trans-Atlantic campaign in the years to come.

Today, he is a respected foredeck crew and rigger, living in Europe and fully involved in ocean racing.

Daniel’s bio includes several compelling question and answers:

What is the hardest lesson you have learnt through being a professional sailor?

You are responsible for yourself, your actions and your safety. At the end of the day you have to trust yourself.

TAORP Andre Carmo Tore Lorient CasaisWhat do you love about the ocean?

It is terrifyingly indifferent, perfectly equal, cruel and loving at the same time.

Have you seen anything that has concerned you about the state of the oceans?

Plastic everywhere, and an incredible reduction in fish and seabirds.

How have you seen the oceans change during your time sailing?

Far less seabirds, even in ten years.

TAORP Andre Carmo Tore Lorient CasaisWhat is the one bit of advice you would give a young person aspiring to become a professional sailor?

Show up early, work harder than everyone else, be a sponge, always keep learning.