July 23, 2020

Trojan 42By David and Barb Gamblin

Unknown to us at the time, the quest for VIA-MARA started in 1973 when I saved the back cover of a boating magazine with the advertisement for the Trojan 42 Motor Yacht.

Four boats, and eight years later we went shopping for a Trojan 42 built prior to 1972 (that year the house and binnacle became fiberglass and the bridge window framing changed to (ugh) black anodized aluminum.)

In love with wooden boats I guess, so we returned to wood from a fibreglass Trojan.

Trojan 42 Upper HelmIt’s is a longer story of course, but on May 30, 1981, from Port Credit, Ontario, we pointed VIA-MARA’s bow East and headed for her new home in Oromocto, New Brunswick, 1365 Nautical miles away. 13 Days and an interesting trip later, a tired but celebratory crew snuggled into a waiting berth at the Oromocto Boat Club, to the cheers of the many who, unknown to us, were following our trip home.

Now in 2020, 53 years since her keel was laid in Elkton Maryland, 39 years with the current owners, thousands of sea miles, many upgrades and loving care, we are still as proud of her as the day we fell in love with her almost 40 years ago.

Trojan 42 HelmWhile shopping, we had many opportunities to speak to several Trojan 42 owners. A conversation with a 13 year owner in Baltimore stands out. When we asked how he felt about the vessel, he said, after a brief thought… “It’s a good boat that does most everything reasonable well”… Years and many miles later, we realised that, among all the superlatives we have heard about various boats, we came to realize that he was offering the highest compliment I had ever heard about a vessel.

VIA-MARA (“By Way of Sea”) still continues to exceed our expectations. She has since been cruised extensively on the East coast of Canada and the US, and has a long history, including having British Royalty aboard as guests.
Trojan 42 Salon



- David and Barb Gamblin live in New Maryland, just (4 minutes) outside of Fredericton.

VIA-MARA is at her berth in Oromocto near the Fredericton airport, and wintered in a boathouse near Fredericton.