Nov 7, 2019

Adamant 1 Peterborough Lift LocksIn our October 10 issue we featured another blog posting from Adamant 1. Lynn and Pat sent so many great photos, we have reprised the blog so we can share them with you.

Below is a few excerpts from the blog post to set the scene:

We crossed Lake Ontario with a minimum of fuss and did a little happy dance when we crossed the border…that little dotted line on the chart. “Take down the US flag, put up the quarantine flag and lets head for Waupoos Island” shouts the captain (me)!

Our Trent Severn Waterway is much prettier than the Erie Canal and the scenery along the way was, in a lot of places, spectacular. Most days were calm and sunny.

We spent Friday evening at the lock in Port Severn. We were only 15 miles from home but we had told everyone we would be in at noon on Saturday. Everyone showed up at noon to welcome us home, except we got there at 10:30 and our son and grandson were the only ones there at that time! It didn’t matter. We had champagne ready and we toasted to a successful 8200 nautical mile trip.

Adamant 1 Blog 31 in photos

Peterborough Lift Locks
Our side goes up and the other side goes down.
The gate at the top will fold down to let us out of the chamber and back into the river.
Linda looking up at the sheer sides of the lock.
Flight Lock is two locks together instead of one very high one.
Inside the flight lock.
It's a long way up!
The bridges have been removed but not the support pillars.
There was a lot of water running through the system this spring
Marabob, our buddy boat through the Trent-Severn Waterway
Some markers in the river were set up on blocks
Thick weeds made it important not to veer off of the track left by previous boats
Creative use of an old canoe.
Plenty of falls to see along the river.
The canal can be very narrow at some points.
Unusual dock ornament!
Fish sculpture in Hastings.
Pat and our grandson Carson getting the sails back on Adamant 1.